My chickens have helped me .

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Re: My chickens have helped me .

Post by jannie »

So sorry to read your sad news Jackian. {hug} {hug} {hug}

Animals are wonderful for grounding us through difficult times aren't they.
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Re: My chickens have helped me .

Post by Freeranger »

I'm sorry if it sounds like a platitude, but I'm so sorry to read your terrible news. There really isn't anything else I can say that will make it less bad. I'm glad you have the chooks and Carol to help you through such an awful time. Hugs from me too.
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Re: My chickens have helped me .

Post by albertajune »

I am so sorry Jackie for your loss which must have been a dreadful and painful shock and I can only echo what everyone else has said. I can only imagine, not know what you are going through but my heart goes out to you.
So glad that you are finding help from caring for you chickens, especially your two new girls that your husband bought for you, {hug} {hug}
I am now a widow and live with my memories.
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Re: My chickens have helped me .

Post by jackian »

Thank you so much for all your kind words.they are much appreciated.

It is very hard at the moment but I thought by writing what I felt about the chickens being a great help helped me a lot.
On a brighter note I think Chelsea might be about to lay her first egg. She is squatting and in and out of the nest box .

Jackie x
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Re: My chickens have helped me .

Post by bmpsands »

Jackian - I'm sure your Laner friends will always be happy to hear from you whatever you feel you need to say.

Ian must have been a lovely, thoughtful husband. He'd be so pleased that Chelsea is about to score a goal, so to speak.
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Re: My chickens have helped me .

Post by sandy »

Jackian I am so sorry to read of your sad news. I am so glad you have your hens to care for. It would be lovely if Chelsea could score an egg {hug&kiss}
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Re: My chickens have helped me .

Post by little brown hen »

{hug&kiss} {hug}
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Re: My chickens have helped me .

Post by Wozzer »

Sending huge hugs {hug} xxxxx
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Re: My chickens have helped me .

Post by bikesandbirdsbob »

Hi , Sad news. Been there and still wear the tee shirt . 1999 My wife died -two children -job . Turned to drink ( one night ) decided life must go on . Time does not heal but helps to recover. Take it easy and a day at a time . Keep human contact and DO NOT go into a shell. Wishing you all the best in the future and enjoy the life and the memories that you have and will have.Keep in contact as it will help in your adventures .
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Re: My chickens have helped me .

Post by s33xpt »

I am so sorry for your loss {hug} Keep strong for those girls x I call my chickens my therapists, people think I'm crackers, but they really DO help on those bad days xx
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Re: My chickens have helped me .

Post by HenPen »

I am so sorry Jackie.
I'm glad that you are finding that your girls are helping you.
Sending you {hug} {hug}
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Re: My chickens have helped me .

Post by Chicken drumstick »

So Sorry

{hug} {hug}

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