Blind Giblet & friends at Chickenopolous

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Re: Blind Giblet & friends at Chickenopolous

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I wouldnt go with an implant, heard many sad stories about hens who have had them and they have gone wrong yike*
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Re: Blind Giblet & friends at Chickenopolous

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I havent updated for a while. I'm kept quite busy these days as my 1y/o grandaughter & her mum still live with us, also my son broke his leg quite badly & couldnt go back to uni, so I've been looking after him too. Our house is full of piles of uni stuff, toys, baby clothes, washing...we're bursting at the seams & I'm pretty busy keeping on top of things. (But glad we're all together at the moment)
In the meantime Chickenopolous carried on oblivious to whats going on in the world. Poppy's latest moult has produced some very interesting new feather growth, some lovely saddle & hackle feathers to go with her long spurs. I wonder if she'll live long enough to grow a full cockerel tail.
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Gibby has had several moults in a row & got a bit thin for a while. Now I'm feeding them Garvo Alpha mix which she likes & she's much happier. The mice like it too, I keep seeing fat, little mice climbing up the sides of Gibbies run
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