Our Jack ....

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Our Jack ....

Post by manda »

We said goodbye to our boy Jack this past Monday ...he would have been 10 next month but the cancer he had robbed him of making double digits. Such a beautiful boy, such a lovely boy with such a sweet temperament. We had a fabulous last month with him because we wanted to make his last days as special as possible for him and us....Beer and a Pizza (his own meat lovers with a stuffed Mozarella crust lol) on the beach...ice creams and all his favourite foods. It was awesome and heartbreaking at the same time. My hubby has lost his best fur friend and my heart breaks for him too.
Now he's gone ....One of the cats (he was Dad to all of them when they were born), Milly seems extra huggy and our other lab boy Orso (aka Ossie) just keeps looking for him when he goes outside....So loved and going to be so missed....the house seems to have a piece missing.
Our vet (who he had only just met 4 weeks previously but adored) was just amazing.
We laid with him on a blanket and said goodnight for the last time. They handled the whole thing of sending him off for his forever sleep so beautifully and sensitively I will never forget it.

Just in the next room ....Sleep well Bubba xx
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Re: Our Jack ....

Post by kitla »

How heartbreaking for you {cry} . But lovely that you have so many treasured memories of your beautiful companion, & the knowledge that he had such a happy life with you.
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Re: Our Jack ....

Post by lancashire lass »

{hug} {hug} so sad when losing a part of your family, especially one that has left a lasting impression in your lives and lots of lovely memories (I'll confess tears were welling up when I read your post)
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Re: Our Jack ....

Post by Cheshire Chick »

So sorry Manda - it is so hearbreaking. We lost our dogs ten years ago now and I could still break down when I think of them. You sound like you have many precious memories and what a wonderful life that beautiful boy would have had with you.
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Re: Our Jack ....

Post by wendy »

{hug} {hug} {hug}

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Re: Our Jack ....

Post by Linda S »

Such a beautiful boy he will have left a huge hole in your lives {hug} {hug} Lindaxx
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Re: Our Jack ....

Post by p.penn »

So sorry Manda {cry} {hug}
Helen xx

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Re: Our Jack ....

Post by amber66 »

So sorry Manda, It never gets any easier. {hug} {hug}
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Re: Our Jack ....

Post by Gwenoakes »

No words, just {hug} {hug} {hug}
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Re: Our Jack ....

Post by Spreckly »

What can I add to the previous posts. A dreadful time for you, and your other animals, Manda. They leave such an enormous hole, which never goes away. {hug}
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Re: Our Jack ....

Post by bikesandbirdsbob »

Sorry Manda , Just catching up , He must be really up set and son as well.
Lost a hunting pal the pair of them.
At least he can go and remember the good times in the wild.
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