Other things's to consider

Travelling outside of peak times can save you to half the
normal daytime prices.

At the railway station give as much information about
your journey as you can and ask for the cheapest
available fare (this should be done automatically,but...!!

Look for alternative routes ie Ashford to Southampton via
London is the longest, but fastest route - but take an
extra half hour on your journey time, go the coastal route
and save £8 on a return ticket.

For cheap flights you can sometimes barter a bit - but
watch the terms and conditions. You may arive at the
Airport and haven't got a seat.

On trains and buses often return tickets are less
expensive than singles!!
The ultimate way to travel cheaper of course is to hide in the toilet or say we got on at the last station !
But we're all responsible people aren't we (!).

There are many though who are not aware of various deals on Trains, Coaches and Airlines. Here are just a few...

On the Train
All networks and Rail Operators are obliged by their franchise agreements to offer you discount cards. The main one's are these

Young Persons Railcard
You must be between the ages of 16 and 24 OR older and can show evidence you are attending full time education (over 15 hours a week and over 20 weeks per year).
Savings are up to one third off, but there are some restrictions for travelling before 10am. As at Sept '06 a card costs £20 and lasts one year.
Family Railcard
This costs £20 per year and is ideal for travelling with kids. Kids go for 60% off and adults 33.3% off.
Up to 4 adults and 4 children can go on the same trip using this card. This could save you just on one trip alone !
Senior Railcard
You must be 60 and above and this again will cost £20 per year. One return from London to Liverpool and back could pay the card in one go!
Also, check out your local Council - some actually pay for you to have one !.

Bus and Coach Transport

Following on from the introduction of railcards some years ago, bus operators soon saw the potential of stealing customers away from the tracks and offer quite a wide range of special discounts.
For instance, National Express can discount up to half the normal fares on some routes and certain times of the day. Even if the half price fare isn't available, you still come under their 'Routesixty' fares system and save that way!

Most local Bus companies have their own discount schemes such as Day 'go where and when you want' tickets so it's well worth looking at your local bus stop notices, the Internet or give them a ring.

Not all airlines do special fares for senior citizens etc., but a lot of foreign ones do, so it's worth checking out before you simply book a flight to ask if there is a cheaper alternative flying with another Airline to your destination.
The problem here is the clauses like 'Only on a Tuesday morning before 5am and it's raining' and so on !
However, with such high competition between Airline companies, it'll probably be just as easy to do an Internet search.


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