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Build a simple Hedgehog House

An easy single compartment home

Hedgehog House hidden in bushes
Photo: Down the Lane

Building a Hedgehog House is not a difficult or high tech procedure.

This one is just a simple square box with a 9" long entrance tunnel.

Do not use treated wood, mine is made from very old Pallets where any preservative has well since worn away.

To make the roof more waterproof I have made it double layered, the wood for the main structure and some hardboard the same size attached to it with a bin liner between to ensure rain doesn't slowly sink through.

As soon as late Autumn comes, put a tarpaulin or some other waterproof sheet over the top and cover with dead leaf and twigs.

It's not what the Hedgehog House looks like it's 'is it suitable for purpose'. If your visitors find it comfortable enough to stay in, they will!

The Plan..

Hedgehog searching for food
Photo: Down the Lane



hedgehog searching for food


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