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How to create a Hedgehog friendly Garden

Making for a better environment

Hedgehog at night

The answers to a Hedgehog Friendly Garden environment are really the opposite to those featured in the Population Decline article, but here's the main list of things you can do to stamp 'invitation' to your property..


If you have solid fences, cut a few 5" holes in them at the base. This will enable the Hedgehog to continue it's journey in search of food.

Slug Pellets

Do not use them, Hedgehogs will eat Slugs which have been poisoned - it will do the same to them as well. To deter Slugs and Snails use Copper rings, one year old Soot around Plants or any other environmentally friendly method you know.

Cutting the Grass

Make sure you check where you are strimming and cutting before starting, Hedgehogs may well take shelter in long grass and weedy borders during the daylight hours.


Hedgehogs love to paddle and are good swimmers, make sure your Pond is easy for them to climb out of after their dip.

Make a Wildlife Corner

We all like nice tidy and neat Gardens, a small portion of that left to grow will be so beneficial to Hogs and all other Wildlife. See 'Creating a Wildlife Friendly Garden'

Logs / Branches

Leave a stack somewhere, especially if it's old wood, they love this feature


Always check your bonfire stack before burning. The base of a bonfire, especially if it's been building up a while, is an ideal place for Hedgehogs to rest during the day.

Buy or build some Houses

This could serve two purposes,. 1. To act as a kind of nightly resting place or 2. act as a permanent home through the hibernating months and even be the place for them to have their young.

Keep your garden tidy

Ensure there is no netting anywhere for them to get tangled up in and watch out for the occasional Postman who throws the elastic bands away when he delivers.

Food and Drink

Leave a bowl of Water out along the side of Hedges, they could have been searching for drink the whole night.
Hedgehogs will enjoy meaty Dog or Cat Food, mealworms or special Hedgehog food is available from Pet Shops and some Garden Centres.



Hedgehog making a turn for the food left out..

Hedgehog in Garden - night time


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