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A simple Frog and Toad House for the Garden

A place for peace and quiet!

Rubble for frog house

frog and toad house made from rubble

frog house hidden in overgrowth

frog toad house beside pond

Your Frog and Toad house could be used just as a shelter or as a permanent home through Winter. Through the cold month's they can be found under Decking, in Compost Heaps, dead wood and some will bury themselves in the silt or mud at the bottom of your Pond.



Quick Build

1. You can use almost anything from rubble; roof tiles, slates, bricks. I was lucky to find a curved one.

2. Simply get a good 'design' with a doorway at the front but covered at the back

3. Place somewhere damp, near a pond is good, or where there is anything decaying, Frogs and Toads love that!

4. Nicely hidden, mine is buried among the One Day Lily's and other plants.




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frog in water