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The Vegetable Garden in late June

Having had about 6 days at home in the last two weeks, I have been able to progress with my battle against the slugs and hardly anything has been touched.

The beetroot I sowed in the guttering did not work. The seeds themselves seem to have vanished, so I reckon it could be a bird who's been getting them.

The intense heat after a lot of rain - then vice versa has kept everything growing well, including the weeds and it's as if someone's planting some every night whilst I'm asleep!
During the heat I was going back and forth with the watering can and all plants, especially the runer beans have thrived.

I had to plant the cabbages out pretty quick. I returned from Tunbridge Wells after spending 6 days away and the leaves had really yellowed with the heat in the greenhouse.
I immediately planted them out and semi protected them from the sun using my ever faithful bread baskets and bits of wood as well.

I also planted out the sweet corn, which love the weather and just thisevening, planted out the Squash plants; 8 in the old bonfire area and another 4 elsewhere in pots.

The courgettes are doing their faster than weeds growth and with 10 of them, they'll be falling out our ears in a few weeks time.

The Broad Beans have also liked the rain/hot weather and I reckon on the best crop we've had in 6 years.

Just about everything is now in position. In the greenhouse we have the tomatoes, a few cucumber and pepper plants alongside some Rocket and far too many Lettuce!

It's at this time I dread the chickens escaping from their Pen - ooooh what a disaster that would be!It's that time when you are very hesitant leaving home to go to work and spend all day imaging the worst.

If it all comes to fruition OK, the freezer will be amply stocked for the winter, there'll be lots of chutney and other relishes.
Then in Autumn many freebies start appearing around and about.

What's it all about - it's about the freezer being full, the onions hanging in the shed, the collection of jars in the Kitchen Cupboard and remembering the day you picked them etc.

I shall try one more lot of Beetroot and hope for the best. I like them roasted with Lamb - beautiful!

Just going off to check the chicken pen !!

Left in the Greenhouse and right, Squash plants planted out on the site of an old stoney bonfire

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