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Vegetable Garden - Mid July

Just after the last entry we had quite a bit of rain. Now, for the last two or weeks - drought ! But the plants don't seem that deterred by the weather and everything is coming along well.

We're eating Runner Beans, Broad Beans, Lettuce and about to take the first Courgette.

Courgettes seem to grow like out of control weeds and before you know it, 10 plants or so is enough to supply a school with every day. A rare event not to have courgettes with something at this time of the year.

It's just about right for digging up some potatoes now, so this weekend, if we have Omelette, will be the first of many 100% self-sufficient meals. This is the proudest and most rewarding time of the year.

By storing many things, the summer memories will also linger on through the winter.
All too often you sit there eating a Sunday Roast and recall the day you picked the Onions or the Sweet Corn ans so on.

Photo's are......

1. The Sweet Corn has towered in the dry hot weather. With 16 plants, if we get 32 cobs and eat two a week, that's 16 weeks growing there. About one third of the packet of seeds at £1.20 !

2. (Bottom right) Courgettes. Enough said already !

3. (Left top) First attempt at Aubergines growing in pots between the carrots and Onions. There's another half a dozen spread around the garden.

4. (Left bottom) The Tomato Plants up to a good four and a half feet now with many flowers on. Not long to go!

In general things are looking good. The thistles are still a nuisance and pulling them up seems a daily job.
'Touch wood', insects seem low in number and the hot weather has kept the slugs at bay quite nicely

Finally, I was lucky enough to get a 30 meter roll of black netting out of the Skip at Cricket.
Ideal for protecting the carrots against carrot fly and, when I have time, to shade the greenhouse a bit more.


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