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Is life possible without a Mobile Phone?

Love them or not, they seem here to stay!

The Mobile Phone entered this World much the same as the TV, the 'It'll never catch on' phrase was heard a lot as was 'You won't see me with one of them', yet it's hard to find a person who hasn't got one now! If we look at the progress in technology made in the last thirty years, the mind boggles as to what it will be like in another thirty, although the chances of me finding out are pretty slim!

The benefits of a Mobile Phone

+Communication for work or personal uses when and where we want it
+Security, we can get help quickly should we need to
+We can take reasonable photographs with them and send them to a friend instantly
+Some have radios for our entertainment
+The text facility gives us a cheap way of short communication needs
+We can use one as an Alarm Clock
+Other things such as Use them as a Calculator, surf the web, read our emails, play games, some have SatNav etc.

Con's of a Mobile Phone

+They add cost to our outgoings, minimum of around £20 per month
+They annoy other people when used in Public places
+They are one more step in the demise of writing a letter
+They are taking away our time which could be better spent elsewhere
+They can be dangerous when used in certain situations

The problem is that many companies have come to rely on them, but that can just add stress to our lifes. Do we really want to be contacted 24/7, can we not live our lifes like we used to and have places and times to make our phone calls and speak to people

The Mobile Phone in many ways has become a threat to our privacy, there is no escape, no quality time where we can switch off. It beats me when you go abroad and see holiday makers sitting beside their Hotel Pool phoning or texting their friend in the UK, is that their escape to the Sun?!!

Do we really need a Mobile Phone? - No, but if it's handy to have one!!

Add your Home Landline Bill with the Mobile Bill and see what they add up to, perhaps £50 per month and upwards? I know some who spend over £100 and complain they haven't any money - wonder why!!

When I worked on the Railway i heard of a situation on a Train where there was some Chap really talking the talk about his amazing business on his Mobile Phone to someone. A passenger on the train went very sick and the Conductor asked the man if he could borrow his Mobile to call the Emergency Services. The man said No. After some debate a fellow passenger took the phone from the chaps hand and gave it to the Conductor to use - it was a toy one.

See also the Blog Article 'The Curse of the Mobile Phone'

Yes Sir, I'm in the car and nearly there!!!

The peaceful relaxing journey, the views out the window, the quiet doze, the thoughts of days gone by - all ruined with "Hi Jill, just checking in to see how the meeting dates are progressing"

What don't we
really need?
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“There are more than 15,000 scientific studies reporting the cell phone health hazards.” -Earthpulse