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Rent and let your House for Income

Your home could be just what people are looking for!

Hiring your House to TV and Film Companies

More and more nowadays, TV and Film Comapnies find it far easier to hire someone's property for filming purposes. It saves them having to build an expensive Set and the viewer seeing the same places every time they watch a Drama on their screens.

The actual amount of time they need your home depends upon the Story of course and in some cases, especially with older properties, they may have to take your Satellite dish down and make a few alterations to give the place the look of the period which they're filming about, but it pays very well.

Most TV and Film Companies have a Website section on this, so it's worth a browse around. Plus of course, if they need any, you can put yourself forward as an Extra (now called Background Artist) as well !

Bed and Breakfast / Short Stay House Letting

There is no need to go into this on a concrete permanant basis. If you live on a fairly busy road, all you have to do is put the sign up in your Garden when you want to.

Another way of getting short stay Clients is to contact larger local Companies who often have people working there on a temporary basis.

Some towns, especially the Coastal one's have Foreign Student Language Schools and are alway on the look out for places for their Students to stay. Hastings for instance thrives on this business and many people make a nice little income from it.

You should check with your local Council if you require to do anything beforehand, especially with a B&B, it could mean declaring yourself as a Sole Trader, certainly as a Business.

Letting out your Garage or Drive

Lots of people want somewhere to park their Car or Caravan, you may have a Garage which will do just the job!
If you have a double garage going spare, someone may like to rent it out for storage.

Advertise in a local free newspaper or cards in Shop Windows (always give your mobile phone number to avoid unwanted calls at home).

Advertising Boards in your Garden

Some House Letting and Estate Agents will pay you money to put a Board up in your front garden for passing by trade. A typical example is 'We have houses like this to sell in this area'.

I know someone who gets £60 per month for doing this - £720 a year - a Holiday !!

So, look at all angles. When you're a bit strapped for cash - is your House worth anything to you - it probably is!


Maybe your house or garden is exactly what a TV Company needs!

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