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Humans and Chickens alike ?


This Cage is proportionate to holding 7 Battery Hens. They would spend approximately 48 weeks living in here laying an egg a day under artificial sunlight being fed with fortified food. They don't have a perch, they don't have something to scratch on, they don't know what sky is yet they know they want it.
The absolute great news is (not) that in a few years time, this would only hold 4 hens, have a bit of Astro Turf, a piece of wood and be called 'a Colony'.
Either way, they'll end up in Pet Food or a dodgy Chicken Pie.


If you want to take in some rescued Chickens, see the Links on the Battery Hen and Keeping Battery Hen pages. They won't maybe, give you as many eggs as thoroughbreds, but they're full of character and will give you and your family hours of pleasure.

Some Hens don't go the 'full distance', some can't take the change to natural surroundings.

My thanks to colleagues Martin, Simon and Andy at Kent CCC for participating





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