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No matter where you are in Kent, you're never far away from BBC ace Sports reporter Jamie Reid.
From Whitstable to Five Oak Green he'll be seen turning up in either the BBC Fiesta or his very own Raleigh 15 geared restored push bike bearing the registration plate 'JAM 1E' . His Dad spent all day one Sunday spraying that on.

From the same school as other BBC legends like Pat Marsh and John Warnett, Jamie turns to the air like a ferret to a wellington boot.
Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Sir Garfield Sobers.
I asked him what he thought of Jamie. He looked at me with that look of fondest nostalgia and said quite emotionally, "Who ?".

He has a determined personality. At Maidstone he was quite incensed that he'd been placed under the Oak Tree. "I said I wanted the Elm, if I say Elm I mean it Brick Face, my names not Warnett, it's Reid right".
I guess that's what being a Superstar is.

Away from the media spotlight Jamie will be found relaxing at home with his favourite Sex Pistols album and adding to his collection of bats and balls stolen from the kids during tea intervals.

I shall never forget my day with Jamie and believe me, the Hospital food isn't as bad as they say it is.


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Jamie at Beckenham sharing match day commentary with John Warnett

Showing off his hi-tech equipment and new jacket.

Calm and collected, sending out a regular Kent up-date during the Lunch interval

After a lunch time up-date, Jamie's never a one to turn down some bread and butter pudding. Here he's either dozed off or still licking the plate

With his Dad left plus ardent fan and personal bodyguard
Paul 'No toes' Parkinson

Off air, Jamie will often dispute the Umpires decision quite adamantly.

One of the proudest moments in my Kent CCC career.
Jamie and Neil Bell

A dedicated BBC man through and through is Jamie. Here Ground Staff at Canterbury inspect the Meridian TV mobile studio just after Jamie had walked past

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