A rainy day at Kent CCC

Cricket in the UK, it's what the weather know's best!

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Cricket is the biggest attraction to Rain!

The background story when it rains during a cricket match

Rain is Cricket's worst enemy. It can make a great game into a boring one, it can cause many people lots of extra work, it can nudge the patience of even the holiest of men, but for the person who likes observation - it can be quite interesting!

This is my synopys of a rainy day at Cricket....

The Office Staff
There's an expectant look on their faces as they park their Cars in the flooded Car Park.
They know that within seconds of sitting down at their Desk, the phone will ring, ring and ring again with the same questions...
'What's the weather like there"?, "Do you think there'll be any play today"?,  "What's the Weather Forecast for the rest of the day"?

The amusing fact is that the calls are invariably from people who live within 10 miles of the ground and only have to look out the window to know what the answer's going to be!  But all in a days work, although the caller's don't know how close the telephone is to being thrown out the window into the nearest available puddle!

The Fans
The Cricket Fans fall into three categories...
1. The one's who do look out the window and decide a good book and the Sofa is the days better option.
2. Those who turn up either because they know the other's who do the same and just have a day of general socialising.
3. The Die Hards! These are the Fans who live in hope. They will find a seat in a Stand, place their Picnic Boxes next to them, erect their Umbrella's and just remain there until the last possible moment of there being any play.
This can be anytime up to 5pm.
What they talk about during this time is a mystery and there's a naughty streak in you that wants to put a microphone on the seat next to them.
Sometimes you want to stroll over to them to make sure they are actually still alive - but you don't, you just glance occasionally in wonder!

The Ground Staff
The ideal scenario for Cricket Groundsmen is; either it rain's the whole day or it doesn't rain at all.
There is nothing worse for them than scrambling out umpteen huge Tarpaulins, pegging them down, placing drainage pipes, only to take them all off 15 minutes later - then repeated 5 times during the rest of the day.

To take full Covers off after rain can take up to one hour, then there's driving around with 'The Blotter' (see picture) and other thing's which Groundsmen do which are complete myteries to public and knowledgable people alike!

A tip here is, don't say things to them like "Bet you'll be glad when today's over", "What's the forecast for tomorrow" and "Why do you have to put so many on"?
Such comments could endanger your wellbeing and general health!

The Playing Staff
Through experience, Cricket Players tend to take the 'what is to be is to be' route.
If there's no chance of play in the morning session, they will wander up to the Indoor Nets for some practice, the Physio will be bombarded with muscular needs and the Coaches may catch up on some overdue paper work.

After Lunch and the Umpires have decided upon a 3.30pm Tea followed by a Pitch Inspection, the Players may 'bond'. This involves such activities as Quiz's, playing Cards, reading the papers, laying on the floor amongst a selection of damp clothing, watching TV (repeats of various matches due to the TV game being rained off as well) or playing Football on the Astra Turf outside.

For myself, it can be an easy day physically, but thoughts of jobs at home which you could be doing go through your mind and you know the Umpire's have to go through procedure which will lead to the days play being called off at around 5pm and the time saved will be spent clearing up the wet grass which has been efficiently trodden into the carpeting during the day.

The ideal day for Staff, Members, Fans, Players and even the Dressing Room Attendant is a dry sunny one!


Pitch Inspection can be very predictable! Tunbridge Wells 2008

A view from the Canterbury Dressing Room (we didn't play that day !!)

Not all Kent fans are disappointed by a few drops of rain! Canterbury May 2008.


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'The Blotter'. Basically a giant sponge to soak the water up and discard it somewhere safe!

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This incident took place during a county championship match between Glamorgan and Somerset.
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Kent Scorer Jack Foley doesn't like getting wet (or walking!!)



In an England v Australia Test during early 1960's Trueman was fielding close to the gate from the pavilion. As a new batsman came out he turned to shut the gate, Trueman said " Don't bother son, you won't be out there long enough."