Visiting WW1 Battlefields, Ypres

Touring the historic Battlefields, Trenches and Cemeteries of WW1 - Langemark

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Langemark and the Yorkshire Trench

The German Military Cemetery just north east of Ypres

The Cemetery

When visiting the Battlegrounds and Cemeteries around Ypres, take time to visit Langemark Cemetery.
There are two similarities to Tyne Cot; upon entering from the Car Park you go through a square Tunnel where you hear sounds of War and singing. Secondly, both Cemeteries are built around Bunkers or Pillboxes. I guess these were used for Shelter, but now appear to be used for Storage.

There are over 19,000 Servicemen buried here, eight to each Grave and another 25,000 listed.
The total includes 3,000 Student Volunteers who lost their lives at the Battle of Langemark in 1914 (The Slaughter of the Innocents)

Looking around reminds you that they were very much like our Troops, probably volunteered on the premise that it would all be over by Christmas and very much victims of Politics and Generals decisions made a long way behind the Lines.

A moving Place

The Yorkshire Trench

Named after the 49th. West Riding Division and situated near to the Yser Canal at Boesinga, it was the subject of a Documentary filmed by the BBC about the Belgium Association 'The Diggers' called 'The Forgotten Battlefield'.

The Diggers, alongside the BBC, restored much of the area to how it was through WW1 and after filming had finished, it was decided to leave part of it as a Memorial to those who served there.

It is quite difficult to find and squeezed within a large Industrial Estate. You can see a map here on the 1418battlefields web site

It is interesting to note that the French Trench which they advanced from is apparently, only two meters behind.

Other Cemeteries

Although you will see many Cemeteries from main roads, it's really interesting take roads off and try the little Lanes.

All along these you will find Cemeteries large and small, each one with it's own individuality and emotions.

One can imagine wife's, children, brothers and sisters making their pilgrimage to see their lost one and even now, you will find Crosses and Cards left by sons and daughters and on occasions, Great Great Grandchildren who would have never known them. Good on their parents in showing them why and how they got here.

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The rather eerie but moving statues

Like Tyne Cot, some Bunkers have remained

The Yorkshire Trench

A good indication of height

WW1 Battlefields
Ypres, Belgium

When touring the Battlefields in your own car, make sure you take your valuables with you when you park the car at any Cemeteries etc.. Quite a few people have had their car broken into, in fact, I've met a few of them and it was they who passed this on to me.