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Ways on how to earn extra & supplementary income

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Making a Website to bring in income

You can do it in your spare time (until it takes over!)

There's one very simple comparison for making money from a Website. It's the same as a Retail Business - you need customers to come into your shop to buy things!

In that sense, any thoughts about starting up a Website or Blog to earn money or to monetize your existing one, has to focus on getting people to see your Site and that means being seen by Search Engines, especially Google, and being as close to the top of the first page which comes up as possible.

So this is a very basic guide about how to go about it. I don't have rocket science techniques, I haven't spent any money on advertising or ways to get higher search engines. For me it's been a long progress, but one which has been enjoyable and one for which I am now reaping some benefits from.

The pages are....

What should my Website be about?

Purely business, Hobby, Niche, Review, one or all etc.

Website or Blog

Which format should you use for best advantage. The pro's and con's of both.

How do I get Visitors

Starting from the title of your Site through to content

How do I increase my visitors

Moving up a level and adding extras to your Website

Advertising Revenue

A look at many of the ways to make money - all for free!


Down the Lane Extra's

More subjects in the Down the Lane Website

Hobbies and Interests,
Health & Wellbeing,
Kent Cricket,
Ashford in Kent,
Growing up in the
 50's & 60's

WW1 Battlefields Ypres
Cycling John O'Groats
 to Land's End


Building a Website Articles

Find your Niche, but make it one where writing about it will never get boring!