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Welcome to Down the Lane’s new section on money and time saving tips, but not neccesarily in that order !

Now this new section may take a bit of time to build up because the fingers and brain aren’t as good as they used to be and don’t always seem to work at the same time and pace !

With the economies going the way they are, more and more people will be taking a more self reliant route, depending upon their own prowess rather than the established ways.

There are many ways of cutting costs in almost all directions of our lives, it just takes a bit of time to go about it. Saying that, some are instant like turning the Central Heating Thermostat down by one degree and saving up to 10% on the cost of running it !

Other savings can be made before you commence something. Taking a more frugal approach and using your own resources rather than someone elses, you can look at the finished article and be proud of yourself.

Frugal doesn’t mean second best, for many it simply means being more thrifty in your approach to things and stopping to think before you buy something. Two things I’ve been extremely bad at over the years and look back now and think of the money I would have, if I hadn’t….whatever.

Please use the comment part to add any of your tips, it would be greatly appreciated by many I’m sure.

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