They say that old news is good news and never a true word was spoken. Our favourite tabloid or broadsheet can be used in many ways without the need for it to go in the Recycling Centre. Here’s a few good reasons to hoard them for a while…. Ripening Tomatoes Wrapping newspaper around green tomatoes […]

The problem with todays lifestyle is we tend to moan about the cost of Electricity and Gas etc. but still pay the bills ! By having a more frugal and thrifty attitude to saving home energy, we can reduce these quite considerably. FREEZER Ensure you defrost on a regular basis – makes more space for […]

There are two things to save here. One – the cost of the energy used in actually washing your itemsthe cost of the powders or creams and softeners etc and, Two – the cost of the powders or creams and softeners etc. Do more low temperature washing You can’t wash materials which are supposed to […]