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They say that old news is good news and never a true word was spoken. Our favourite tabloid or broadsheet can be used in many ways without the need for it to go in the Recycling Centre.
Here’s a few good reasons to hoard them for a while….

Ripening Tomatoes
Wrapping newspaper around green tomatoes and placed in a box can speed up the ripening process, especially at the end of the summer.

Storing Fruit
Wrapping newspapers and storing Apples somewhere dry will keep them a long time. Keep an eye on them though, once one rots, it spreads through the others very quickly

Log Making
See Down the Lane’s ‘Eco Logmaker’ page, a fine way of using resources, saving money and seeing the results !

Pet Litter Trays
Lining the Litter Tray will absorb a lot of the wet and make it easier to empty and clean.

Draught Proofing
A blast from the past when Sash windows were ‘in’ ! I use folded up newspaper to fill gaps around the the Overlap Shed
Shoe Odour
Crumple up newspaper and put in those smelly Trainers overnight. The paper absorbs the sweat and de-odourizes at the same time.

In the Shed and Garage
Cut up newspaper into squares and hang from the wall (a bit like the old outside loo!) and use them to clean greasy oil etc off your hands.
Lay accross your car windscreen during winter to protect from frost.

Keeping plants warmer.
Wrap newspaper around any potted plants in the greenhouse, a bit like a gift of Flowers to protect them from the frost.

Carpet Underlining
If you buy a foam back carpet, lay newspaper down on the floor first. This will help protect the carpet, stop it sliding and save it sticking itself to the Floor.

Frugal Wrapping Paper
Why spend a fortune on all that overpriced Christmas paper. Be different and be noticed. It’s surprising how much it will be appreciated for the right reasons.

Tablecloth underlay
A few sheets of newsaper will do just as well as the foam type you buy in the shops. If it gets wet, you just throw it away, so saves you some washing as well.

Fun and Hobbies
Make Paper Mache and make sculptures. Paper Mache makes good Train Set scenery – soak and place onto wire mesh.

Wet Shoe Lining
Stuff wet shoes with paper and it will not only soak up the moisture, but help keep the shoe from losing it’s shape.
A few layers between all the grass and other materials will mulch down really well.
You can also mulch it into the earth around plants – it will soak in any rain and keep it there should there be a fry spell immediately after.

So, there’s just a few reasons for not throwing out that Paper. The thing to remember is that it was once a tree and tree’s are getting fewer and further between. So if we are going to cut them down for ‘our good’, let’s make the most of them – and save money in the process !

Any other good use ? Please write them below…..Thanks……

4 Comments on “Uses for old Newspapers”

By Smallholderwannabe. January 19th, 2009 at 4:08 pm

I always put a layer of newspaper under the perch area in the henhouse. This is easy to lift out and put in the compost heap complete with everything the hens drop there in the night : )

By Anne. May 11th, 2009 at 4:13 pm


I use shredded paper & newspaper in my chicken house/nest box, the best kind is shredded tax demands. so satisfying to know that the chickens are s******g on them


By karen kenny. August 6th, 2009 at 8:00 pm

thanks smallholderwannabe,
great idea to line under the perch ,am also a smallholder wannabe and started to keep a few hens so am looking for well worn handy tips,thanks so much

By Badmonkey. February 21st, 2010 at 6:36 pm

You can use them with vinegar to get sparkling clean windows

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