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(related to Dover – Calais route)

A day trip to Calais can be really rewarding. Not only is it a good day out in a different Country, but a means of buying certain items a lot cheaper than in the UK, the savings of which usually pay for your tickets and more. Mind you, this is used mainly by people who enjoy all the thing’s which are supposably bad for you!!


Do a thorough search for the best deal. Often Kentish Newspapers have vouchers and adverts on their websites. I’ve got half price crossings quite often.

Try for the earliest Ferry possible, this is usually cheaper.

Check ‘the opposition’. The train Shuttle service, Hovercraft, Seacats etc. do sometimes match fares and can be a faster way of getting to France.

Seafrance offer online booking of a Breakfast. This saves you taking more cash and makes the day easier to Budget.

Book the return at the latest time you want to come back. If you’re all done with your day out, you can usually get on an earlier Boat.

In School Term time, avoid Friday’s. This is the day that Schools often do their Field Day Outings on – it can be chaotic with hundreds of kids running round the Boat causing havoc !

The Boat Trip

Take a Thermos Flask of Tea or Coffee on board. Sometimes (like Friday’s above), the queues at the Snack Bars are huge.

If the sea’s a bit rough, sit about half way along the boat and as near to middle as you can. It makes the stomach effect slightly better.

If you get sea sick, take some bottled water with you. Have a Plastic Bag with you, the facilities can sometimes be packed!

Never buy items in the Duty Free Shop going out. You may find some items are much cheaper in the Shops.

Most Ferry Companies offer money exchange with no charges, but watch who’s watching you.

Some on-board Restaurants and Bars shut on the later Ferries back to Dover. If you’re hungry and catching the last one back, get some food before you board.


See ‘A Day out to France’ on the main Website, with a few items which are cheaper ‘over there’. Also ‘A Walk on Dunkirk Beach in the Blog

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