Downshifting / Downsizing to a simpler & better lifestyle

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Downshifting & Moving to the Country?

It's many peoples dream, some things to consider

Moving from a Town or City to the Country is almost everyone's perfect scenario. Many do this and have great success, but some can find the change not only disorientating but hard work as well.

A rural way of life takes getting used to, it has amazing benefits for those who seek a quieter and more secluded life, but in a positive sense, here are some things for you to consider..

Looking at Houses

If you're not in a rush, view areas in all Season's, your future dream home may not look so inviting as it did when you first looked at it on a hot and sunny July day. Also, nightime is just not the same, it's often pitch black, no more security or possibly comfort of some outside light.

Work and Schooling

If you are intending to mainly work from home with the occasional visit to the City this is not so bad, but working full time at home is very different; no Sandwich Bars, no stroll round the Shops and certainly no lunch time chats wityh your colleques.
As far as schooling is concerned, is the house on a School Bus route, if not, it will obviously mean driving there, so a good reliable Car is needed plus you have to take into account the occasional delay, see above photo (Cows on the Line are a thing of the past!"!).


Country life could be very different, you may not have neighbours, so the old chatting over the fence whilst tending to the Garden has gone. If you're living in a Village though, the opposite may be the case, every one klnows everyone elses business, so think about what you want to keep a secret and what you don't!

Food, Supplies and 'small shopping'

In Kent, we're never too far away from the Shops but I know many a person who has been stuck in their house for days during bad weather, so make sure you have ample in the Fridge and Larder. Look at it as 'Emergency Supplies', get some tins in as well. This includes such things as Milk. Many epople have their Milk delivered in rural parts, but if the Milkman can't get through....!

Make sure you do 'big shopping' on a regular basis, as much as we all want to keep our Village Stores open, they can cost quite a bit more.

Never let your Petrol Tank get low and always have some in the Garage.

Internet and Broadband

Make sure your House is in a resonable pocket for good fast Internet connections, especially if you plan to work from Home, have a Website or rely a lot on Emails.

Escaping to the Country

Weigh this up, moving to the Country is usually a challenge and not an escape as such. It's an escape from noise and sometimes chaos, but you could find having the complete opposite is not for you.

Social Life

If moving as a family, often is the case that the Parents want the seclusion and the space between them and others, but if you have Children, life could be very different for them. Asking friends around after School and at the weekends isn't always as easy as it has been in Town. Car sharing is often a solution for this where Parents take it in turn to pick up close by kids and they can spend a bit of time together. This also gives you the Parents a bit more time to get Supper ready etc.

So, I hope you don't see this as negative writing, it is here for general concern that some people don't always see the whole picture; they see lush fields, green trees, fresh food and fresh air and what they don't always consider is that the Country can for some be a lonely and isolated place.

Do the homework and preparation and it should be the best move you have ever made.

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