Chicken Keeping
New Battery Hens arrive
Five new battery hens arrive down the lane in July 2005
A Chicken Shed in 30 seconds
Getting more hens means more space - and done in a rush!

Nature down the lane
A wealth of bird beauty
Woodpeckers, a bullfinch and chaffinch pay a visit
Two Seasons down the lane
Winter and Summer 2006, same shots - different heat!!
Down the Lane August 2006
Veggies, Horseradish, cat and some hops!
Robert the Rat
He goes for gold - and gets it!!

A Downshifters Day!
December 2006 - a day Down the Lane
'The Great Escape'
A masterful re-make of the classic wartime story - and all in only five minutes
Jamie Reid of the BBC
Radio Kents infamous Sports reporter shows us he's hard !!
Australia v Bangladesh
A few flicks of the game played at Canterbury


'Odd Job Bod'
Yours truly on BBC Radio Kents 'guess what this person does' competition

With the exception of 'The Great Escape', all video clips were recorded using a Canon MV800 series camcorder, then edited and compiled using 'Cyberlink Power Director' or 'Pinnacle Studio'.Still shots through the website are either using my old Sony 3.1mp Camera, or in the last three years using a Sony P93, 5.1mp, then edited with Google Picasa. The sound recording from the Radio was edited and recorded using the freeware programme - 'Audacity'.There are many freeware programmes out there for both camcorder and camera editing, all quite capable of good professional results

The photographs on this website are edited using Googles free Photo Editing programme 'Picasa' which can do all sorts of effects to enchance your pictures, as well as organising them into easy to reach albums. I would certainly recommend it.