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Gadgets and Comfort items we don't need?

Virtually every room in the house has some gadget or other!

The problem with electrical items nowadays is that many are quite cheap, so we're tempted into buying products which are nice to have, a bonus, but ultimately they cost us in our fuel bills.

The Bedroom

Let's start with the Electric Blanket. Ah getting into a warm snug bed in Winter, nothing like it, better than spending the first three minutes in cold agony or moving th hot water bottle around to even things out a bit. Are they really needed? - No, but for those who suffer with muscular or bone pain, they are a Godsend. What are the alternatives? - Warming up your night clothes just before you get into bed, bed socks, extra layer of night clothing, hot water bottle, microwave heated bottle (very cost effective)or natural Wheat Bags.t

Needless to say, do we need an electric clock, a TV in the room which we watch once a month and 100watt bulbs when a 40w bedside light will do - No !

The Bathroom / Toilet

A Shower attached to the Bath or a separate unit may seem costly, but having a Shower reduces the water we use compared to a bath and an electric operated Shower Unit heats itself instantly rather than waiting for a Water Heater to get up to temperature. Do we really need a Shower? - Yes we do, but we'll survive without one.
Other items to consider are Electric Shavers, do we need one, well men will say yes for the more effective shave, but ladies may say no. Rechargable or Battery powered Shavers are the best bet.


We seem to have developed a reason for not speaking on the phone in one place, but have to have a need for mobility whilst on it. This in itself adds up to longer phone calls, by having a wireless phone you can sit on the sofa and still watch the Sport on TV without the sound.
Also, why do we need a telephone in every room, each one requires a 13amp socket and uses more electricity - how often do we get called when in bed? (unless you're a teenager of course!).What happened to the Phone in the Hall when you had to actually get up from the chair to answer it and not annoy the rest of the family sitting down trying to do something else!

Not only that, but each wireless phone needs a base and a base has to be plugged into the socket and that costs more money.

Sure there are sooper dooper Broadband / Phone packages nowadays, but add on the little extra's and they add up.

Do we really need a Telephone - Yes, but only one and wired in like the good old days!!

The Office / PC Room

Do we really need a PC - Yes we do in this day and age and without it you couldn't be reading this, but do we need a PC Tower Unit? - No
If you have a Tower Unit, how many 13amp plugs with all the necessary cables have you strung all over the place interlaced with each other; one for the Monitor, one for the Tower, one for the Speakers, one for the Modem etc.etc. These can be drastically reduced along with your electricity bill by simply having a Laptop, Not only will this save money, but it gives you the option of using it elsewhere around the house. If you're a hardened Gamer or like watching Movies etc, most Laptops nowadays are well equipped for these needs,

The Television Set

This year, 2010, saw the World Cup Finals in South Africa. This brought about a huge competition between TV Suppliers for selling their latest Digital / HD / Mega Super LCD's and Plasma's. In 1953, there was a sort of rush to buy your first TV for the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth 2nd!

Then, it was BBC and nothing else and it wasn't until the late 1950's we had TV without an intermission at Teatime and didn't close down at 10pm!

How did we ever survive? Well, we listened to the Radio, we played games, we went outdoors and even had conversations!
Now that may sound way out of date, but we can gather news information from the Radio and now we have the benefits of TV Companies allowing you to watch programmes over the Internet, such as iplayer. If we can hold ourselves back from watching something live, it's just the same and it doesn't need a TV Licence either!

The cost of running a TV depends upon it's size, but overall, it's not a costly appliance to run.
Do we really need a TV - No

I'm sure there are many other thingsif we look hard enough, these are just a few, but it's the pennies which make the pounds and even if we can't go without something altogether, we can usually find ways of downsizing our needs.

Ah, Homes under the Hammer

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