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How to make Nettle Tea

A frugal, healthy tonic drink and 100% free !

nettle tea

In the words of a child, making Nettle Tea is easy peasy, why spend money on buying it when almost every Garden or Roadside overgrowth has huge amounts of them and no ones going to tick you off for picking some!

Here's the simple steps to make a perfect cuppa..

1. Picking the Nettles

cutting stinging nettles for teaWithout stating the obvious (but I am!) ensure you wear thick Gloves when doing this, I've made the mistake of forgetting!

If possible, cut the tops off fresh nettles and leafs which have not gone to seed.

Cutting about one full cup full should be sufficient enough to make one or two cups of Tea depending on strong you may like it.

At first this will be trial and error.



2. Brewing the Tea

boiling nettles for teaPlace the cut Nettle tops into a Saucepan, pour in about two cup full's of water and switch on heat.

When the water is nearly at boiling point switch off heat and allow to settle for a couple of minutes.

For stronger Tea, leave simmering until you reach your required taste.

Some people chop the Leaf before this process but I haven't found this necessary, just making extra work for yourself with no proven benefit.


3. Finishing and Drinking

sieving nettle teaWhen ready simply pour the liquid out through a Strainer into a Glass or Cup and drink either hot or cold

The taste to some people can be a little bland and plain so you can add a sweetener as desired. The taste of course depends upon the strength you've made it.

As with any herbal Tea or Drink it's always best to start slowly rather than to become over enthusiastic and drink it every five minutes.

As with purchased Nettle Tea and Tonics it's always a good idea just to check with your Doctor or Pharmacist that it will not have any effects with medications or conditions you may be taking or have.

Afterwards, throw all the boiled leaf on the Compost - making it even more recyclable !


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