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How to make Nettle Plant Food

A frugal, healthy and natural Liquid to make your Fruit and Vegetables grow

Stinging Nettles thrive on Nitrogen rich soil and much of this goes up through the plants as they grow. Following the age old very easy 'recipe' you have one of the best and most eco-friendly Plant Foods of all.

Get an old watertight Container or Bucket and scrunching the leafs as you go. Another two methods are either to cut them into small pieces using Shears or lay them on the grass and run the Lawn Mower over them, this will cut them into smaller pieces still.
Which method is best is a matter of opinion, I've always used the Shears method.

Fill the container to about 8" from the top.

nettles for plant feed

Nettle Feed maturing

Pour water into the container and weigh down so all the nettles are just under the height of the water.

Leave for two weeks.

Carefully drain the liquid into another container of your choice and cover until you need to use it.

Dilute the liquid to one part Nettle Feed to 10 parts water and use straight from a Watering Can.

Things you should know

Leave the Liquid to both mature and store out of the way somewhere - it absolutely stinks!

Do not use on young plants, wait for the root structure to be strong.

Water the ground around plants, not the leaves.

It is especially good for plants with lot's of green leaf such Tomatoes, Leeks, Cucumbers, Courgettes, Cabbages, Lettuce, Fruit Trees, Flowering Plants.
There is much debate on the Vegetables you shouldn't use it, but basically you have to remember it's very nitrogen rich and on any plant, should be used sparingly and not too often - two week breaks is often suggested.

nettle plant food

If you haven't many Nettles in the Garden, pick those in the shadier spots. Picking them from sunny positions will deter Butterflies, another friend of the Gardener if only they simply remind us it's Summer!




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