50 Great Ways To Maintain a Super Positive Focus

By Hyacinth Fraser

1. Become habitual about adopting a positive mindset.
2. Have a purpose in life.
3. Make a list of those things that make you feel positive.
4. Set goals, have something to look forward to.
5. Surround yourself with positive thinking people.
6. Read great motivational books
7. Indulge in positive self-talk. Think the thoughts you
want to think. "I can", "Yes", "I am worthy", "I am good enough", "I am beautiful", "I love myself"
8. Learn from the excitement and joy of children. They have a lot to teach us about positivity.
9. Aim for excellence – shoot for the stars.
10. Become solutions focused.

11. Do what you love.
12. Stay focused on your personal growth and development.
13. Change your posture. A straight backed posture is more likely to help with a positive focus (as opposed to being hunched over with your head hanging down).
14. Exercise – helps to release positive endorphins.
15. Recall great memories.
16. Buy yourself or someone else some flowers.

17. Model yourself on people you consider to be positive. Find out what they do and replicate it.
18. Find things that motivate you and do them often.
19. Maintain a strong sense of self.
20. Do something `different’ that helps to generate positive endorphins e.g. African drumming, Salsa dancing bhangra aerobics etc.

21. If you find yourself in a negative field – make a point of reframing. These questions may help – what needs to change to make this situation the way I wish? What do I need to do to make things different? What is my role in this situation? How can I be in this situation and make it the way I want it to be? How else might I view this situation so that it helps me?
22. Look at things from different angles, adopting a range of perspectives will help with understanding and so limit the possibilities of frustration.
23. Chunk things down, so for example, if there is a big task to undertake, take bite size pieces and the task won’t look nearly so daunting.
24. Focus on the positive intent of any situation.
25. Building rapport with people is a key to encouraging positive, life enhancing friendships.
26. Decide, there is no other viable option for you except to maintain a positive focus, because the alternatives are just too bleak to contemplate.
27. Use the great experiences from your past, live life now, visualise the future.
28. Do things joyously and this will lead to even more joy.

29. Laugh a lot.
30. Forgive those who have trespassed against you.
31. Create seven affirmations you can say to yourself daily.
32. Commit to living each moment fully.
33. Focus on how good your life currently is. Remember there are other people worse off.
34. Give your time and energy to a charitable project.
35. Remember a time when you were completely in love and associate to those wonderful feelings.
36. Schedule things into your life that make you feel joyous – be fanatical about this.
37. Be creative.
38. Create a CD of your favourite motivational music and listen to it often.
39. Go to see films/movies you love, and go and see the same one often if that is what it takes.

40. Have a fall back position. Say for example you have an idea of your ideal holiday, you book it and for some reason it falls through, have another option that will help you to feel equally excited.
41. Decide that being positive is a key part of your identity.
42. Develop a self image you are happy with.
43. Be out in nature, do some gardening, smell the green, smell the flowers.
44. Surround yourself with those colours that help you to feel wonderfully positive. I know for a lot of people that colour maybe purple.
45. If you are not feeling entirely positive currently, write a short story about what you would be like if you were feeling positive. Write it in the present tense as if true now. How are you being? What sorts of things are you saying to yourself? How do you look? Who do you associate with etc. Put yourself in this picture and replay it daily.
46. In the spirit of self-acceptance – love yourself.
47. Let go of toxic people.
48. Recognise that anger hurts you.
49. Have the expectation that when you put a lot of the above initiatives, and those you develop for yourself in place you will be able to maintain a positive focus more and more of the time.
50. Please feel free to add your own ideas to this list

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