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Automatic Door Openers for the Hen House

For your Chickens security and saving you getting up too early on a Summers Day!

One thing paramount to keeping Chickens is their security and because of this and the nature of many Chicken Coops, the Hens have to be shut in their House part overnight.

Through some month's this is not a problem, but when the day is getting light at 5.30am and you're not getting up until 8am., the Chickens are stuck in their House when their natural instinct says they should be outside! To be fair, who really wants to set the Alarm at 5.30am to go and let them out.

During the Summer it is not always wise to keep Chickens locked up for too long; the heat in a small Coop can build up rapidly with a Summer sun and the fear of overheating may be there. I've often said that people tend to worry too much about their Chickens getting cold - they are natural outdoor creatures and my experience is that Summer heat is far more of a worry than the Winter cold.

One fine solution to all the above is the Automatic Poultry Door Opener. It's easy to install and afterwards you can set the timer to whatever time of the door you wish resting assured your Chickens are not going to be hemmed inside awaiting your presence.

One thing to remember is that should you be setting a time for the door to close, make sure it's at a time which has allowed them to go back inside the House - if you don't, you could find some rather dejected Chickens in the morning, plus of course, they may have been left open to a security risk.

The picture of a Door Opener on the left is from Wells Poultry, a very reputable and respected Poultry Equipment Supplier who offer a range consisting of an inside fitting, exterior fitting and a Duck variation as well.

The basic Unit is quite easy to fit coming with full instructions etc. It has a three year warranty with telephone Support included.

The Unit has a lifting capacity of 3kg and the Battery life on normal use can be up to 4 years!

I regret at present I have no shopping links for this product. A new Supplier is being sought


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