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Chicken House

A pent Chicken House with hinged Nest Box cover and Pophole for extra security

1124(L) x 785(D) x 805(H)mm
Nesting box: 332(L) x 689(D) x 437(H)mm
Door: 235(W) x 425(H)mm

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Large Hutch / Chicken Coop

A Chicken House or Hutch with raised housing for extra run area

1676(L) x 750(D) x 1030(H)mm
Door 276(W) x 517(H)mm



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Multi Purpose Animal House / Chicken Coop

A Multi Purpose Animal House which is suitable for chickens or other small animals such as rabbits. Removable nesting Box

Made from top quality treated timber.

coop & run 1710(L) x 777(D) x 1148(H)mm
nesting box 363(W) x 613(W) x 390(H)mm

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Pent Chicken Coop and Run

A pent roof chicken coop and run. 1.14x3.03m. A very versatile coopA well constructed and attractive product, made from high quality untreated Swedish timber and clad in 12mm tongue and groove boards.

* Width: 1.14m
* Depth: 3.025m (Including nesting box)
* Height: 0.85m

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Premium Poultry Ark

This pressure treated poultry ark is split over two tiers. The ark features a secure nest box on the top floor with a drawstring ladder leading your chickens down to a spacious run. Opens at the side for easy access for you to clean it out. The ark comes with comprehensive assembly instructions and fixing kit supplied. The ark will hold on average 5 - 6 chickens, however this is dependent on the breed as the sizes of the birds do vary.


5'8"x4'11"x3'9" (1.7x1.49x1.14mm

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The above are just a few of the Products on offer, to see more, Click here


Forsham Chicken Houses and Arks

Taylors Garden Buidlings also carry a range of the high Quality Houses and Arks from Forsham Arks.

Forsham Chicken Houses and Arks


Choosing the right Chicken House for your garden depends on many things; How many chickens you have, if you want the House to be static or not etc. A good browse through all the Down the Lane Chicken Pages will soon give you a feel for what you need. Good luck and enjoy your chicken keeping.


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