To many people, downshifting is all about 'doing the self-sufficiency thing, living on a smallholding, have some livestock and grow vegetables to sell at the local Market.

This is often the case, but for many people a move to the country is simply about getting away from it all, but finding a new 'career' to suit your family and comfort time.

Through these pages we will glance at each of the English Regions, Scotland and Wales and focus on the main things; towns, countryside, amenities, pro's and con's.

The main thing which comes into consideration of course is what you can afford property wise. Many people work in London earning a high enough wage to support a house in leafy Surrey or another one of the Home Counties and are prepared to sit on a train for four hours a day.
This obviously pushes house prices up within about a 80 mile radius of London.
In fact I know of people who commute from Southampton every day!There is hardly a county in England which hasn't a rural side to it and it's not difficult finding a cottage or house to buy, it's just how much it's going to cost!

But, search enough and you will find a property in a part of this pleasant land which will suit you and your family.
Most companies are now Internet based, so the benefits of living in a cheaper rural area are unique in so far as house prices and possibly small warehouses to rent etc.

The full country life isn't for everyone of course and I for one am quite happy being 'semi-rural', half an acre to play with, surrounded by fields, yet withing 2 miles of a Motorway connecting every part of mainland UK, 3 miles of an International Station and within a bike ride of two major Superstores.

It's just a question of taste and a combination of what your aspirations are for a better way of life.

If you're keeping your old job, fair enough.

There are many Estate Agents who specialize in town - country moves. It's usally best to locate the Estate Agents solely in the area you're thinking of moving to. They will have the local knowledge of Schools, Amenities and other important things - such as shops !!

Rather cow fumes than petrol fumes!!

The rural life...
It's dark at night
Forage for food

Fresh air room to roam

Be at one with nature.
Farm shops actually on the farm!