General Tips

The first impression is important, nice tidy garden and clean exterior. Try hanging baskets in the porch etc.

The entrance - Smells can often be distracting (if the wrong type).
Fresh baked bread, a coffee machine going, anything which has that homely feel

Clear away the clutter - hide it, do anything with it - just lose it for a while

The house is decorated in fairly neutral colours so the prospective customer doesn' go round thinking everything is urgent

Try and keep pets out of the way when viewers come. Although they may have pets themselves,your pets may be distracting and even have a go at them !

Be prepared to show them your fuel bills. This may allay any fears that the systems you have are going to break them

Look smart and be a salesperson. People nowadays accept it and like to be made wanted.


Moving house is one of the most stressful activities known to the human race. Delays only add to the stress levels, so you need to be organized if you want to sell your house quickly. Basic mistakes can lead to frustration. Firstly set a reasonable asking price by comparing prices in your area. Don't just look at what other sellers initially asked for, but what price they ultimately got.

Decide if you are going to sell the house yourself or put it through an agent. If you go it alone, make sure you have the proper time to devote to it. Getting everything in place to sell your house quickly can be time consuming. You will also need to know about all the legalities involved. If you go with an agent, ask around for personal recommendations and find out what the local agents charge in fees.

A house needs to be marketed effectively. It's going to have a lot of competition, so you need your advertisement to stand out from the crowd. Tell the truth about your house but be enthusiastic about its features. If you don't appear to love your house, then no one else will. Don't over do the fact that you want to sell your house quickly, it may come across as desperate.

Most houses are not perfect and you must admit it to yourselves if this is the case. There won't be much chance to sell your house quickly if the house is in need of repair. Book a house inspection and act on the recommendations accordingly. When everything is fixed, you won't have to bluff your way through with potential buyers. The money will be well spent when you get a quick sale.

Don't neglect the garden and outbuildings if you have them. Remember that the people viewing your house could be seeing dozens of others too. A detail like an orderly garden shed could just make the difference and you could sell your house quickly on the strength of it.

When people come around to view the house, they will want to see a clean and tidy home. Remove any clutter and help them to imagine themselves as the new occupants. If you have any unwanted items in the house, you may as well have a yard sale to off load them. The trick of baking bread or making coffee to get a pleasant aroma can't hurt! At least make sure that there are no bad odors to put people off. If they appear to be interested, they'll most likely want to haggle. Don't be inflexible about the price if you want to sell your house quickly but don't be a push over either.

Spending £1000 on a quick face lift should get you your money back - and more!

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