Evening Primrose

A few Wild Flowers around the RSPB Dungeness Reserve today Evening Primrose Probably this is the most seen flower around the Reserve at this time of the year, a fine yellow colourful plant self seeding as it spreads. These will flower between June and September gradually increasing each individual bloom one after the other. Great […]

Bird Table in June

With the weather the way it is I decided not to venture out today but instead, just watch all the juvenile birds there are in the Garden at present. It seems the breeding around here is going well! Busy is an understatement, regardless of the rain they were back and forth, some with their Mother’s […]

Wild Field Daisies

Bit of a dodgy hip today so my walk down the Fields was mainly spent looking down rather than looking up, didn’t fancy a fall! This turned out to be a more pleasant walk than I expected; the wildlife buffer around the fields seems to be attracting all sorts of flora which in turn is […]


Although I go to Dungeness on probably a fortnightly basis (25 minute drive) and have done so for the past year, I hadn’t a photograph of a Sedge Warbler up to now. The Sedge Warbler My day started off just before 10am and it was cold! I walked from the ARC Car Park along to […]

Speckled Wood Butterfly

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’m sure there aren’t so many Butterflies this time last year. My fear is that with the warm end to Winter which caused quite a few wildlife species to come out early, some were not strong enough when we had the very cold snap in April? Speckled […]

Jay under Bird Feeders

Although there are only 8 species of Birds in this video, around and about there is so much activity, mainly revolving around the Fledglings. The Woodpeckers appear to have hatched two young one’s and there’s ample families of Coal Tits, Great Tits, Blue Tits, Robins and more – more common Garden Birds that is. Thus […]

Hedgehog eating cat food

A few weeks ago we had two Hedgehogs visiting us, one big one and one very big one. As I’d found them mating not long before I presumed the larger one was pregnant and presume now she’s found somewhere to have her young. The other one however, presumably the male is still visiting nightly, so […]

Mother and son Greater Spotted Woodpeckers

Thursday 2nd.June 2016 It’s been a very special Woodpecker day. From morning to evening, the Greater Spotted Woodpecker family have been feeding and training around the Fat Balls in my front Garden. So fascinated by this I watched the virtually the whole time and came up with a few threories (probably all been said before […]