Sparrowhawk with prey

I love Mountains, hills, valleys and rivers, but there’s something aout Dungeness that never ceases to give me pleasure both in scenery and wildlife. Now at the end of July virtually every meadow plant and flower is in full swing and today, I don’t think I have ever seen so many Butterflies, Dragon Flies and […]

Juvenile Pied Wagtail

I went to Conningbrook Lakes this afternoon for two reasons 1. Hoping to see the reported Turtle Dove and 2. some Snakes. I saw neither of course, but as always, something will take your fancy. Being School Summer Holidays and what I thought was a perfect day for getting out and about after the heatwave, […]

Solitary Bee in Bee Hotel

Whilst sitting in my favourite Garden Chair just by my Bug / Bee Hotel I wasn’t expecting to see a Solitary Bee buzz past me quite this early and make it’s way to one of the holes I drilled. For the next hour I sat there watching with great interest as two flew in and […]

Female Common Buzzard

There are four Buzzards soaring over the the Lane on an almost daily basis at present, magnificent Birds, I imagine parents and two young. The problem photographing them is they don’t seem to start their squawk until fairly high in the air and by the times I get the Camera out and fixed up, they’re […]

Young Wren

There was much happening with the birds down the Lane this morning, it seems that many are now on their second hatching’s of the Summer, loud high note tweets coming from everywhere! The young Wren takes a break on the Greenhouse roof Luckily I was in the Garden when I heard something hit the Kitchen […]

Conningbrook Lakes Wildlife Fence

I hadn’t visited Conningbrook Lakes for a few weeks so what a pleasure it was to have a nice slow pace stroll around and to find this ahead of me.. Not only have they put what must be 200 meters of fencing up, they have also scattered Rubber Mats around to attract Snakes and other […]

Little Owl at Scotney near Lydd

I was supposed to be in Scotland this week but on my first day there, due to a medical situation treated at the excellent Fort William Hospital, had to return back to Ashford to set about some tests. After three days of going to various places I was getting the shakes from not going out […]