Painted Lady Butterfly

I had intended to go to Reculver near Margate and Herne Bay today but with the hottest day of the year forecast changed my mid and went to Samphire Hoe again expecting it to be slightly shaded and with a bit of breeze……….wrong !! It was boiling! Without a doubt though, the highlight for me […]

Young Slow Worm

The weekend started with meeting up with the very knowledgeable birder Neil Burt (See Neil’s Twitter Page) at Conningbrook Lakes. Regret to say that whenever you arrange to meet someone the weather’s bad, but the rain eased at 7.45pm and we had a look at the Little Egrets coming in to roost on the Eco […]

Female Kestrel

It was a hot muggy day when I went to Conningbrook Lakes yesterday so beside Dragon Flies, Butterflies and the usual Heron, Swans, Gulls and Wagtails I didn’t think I’d see much so what a nice surprise it was to sit and watch a female Kestrel predating some afternoon snacks of Dragon Flies and anything […]

Hothfield Heathland

Sad to say, but in the 29 years I’ve lived in Ashford Kent I have never visited Hothfield Heathlands just 4 miles away from where I live. I’ve missed something !! Owned by the Kent Wildlife Trust, the area covers acres upon acres of Heathland, Grass, Bogs, Woods and Fields each in turn making ideal […]

Tench swimming with Chub

A hundred years ago there were three Mills down the Lane here in Kennington Kent 1. Windmill 2. Steam Mill and 3. Water Mill. All three Mills closed quite a while ago and when that happened, the MillPond was shut of and the Stream which flows from Eastwell Lake to The Great Stour was diverted […]

Fox in the Garden

Since my post on 2nd. August where I mentioned we are being visited by a somewhat poorly underfed Fox I’ve been feeding her a sachet of Poultry Cat Food up the garden every night. This in turn has forced me to rethink the Hedgehog Food as old Foxy was grabbing their’s as well. Hoggy’s food […]

Samphire Hoe Dover

A sunny and warm English summers day, so rather than going to my usual haunts I thought I’d pop down the 16 miles or so to Samphire Hoe just south east of Dover. Looking toward Folkestone Warren Samphire Hoe is if you like, a striking result of making use of man made land from the […]

Stoat interested withcamera

The night before I visit Dungeness, either RSPB, the Reserve or Beach I will always look at other peoples Blogs to see what they’ve seen and often giving me a good guide as to where to Search. For quite some time I’ve read of a Stoat being spotted, even a family seen and photographed along […]

Juvenile Wren

With the temperature at over 25 degrees this morning I thought it good to get Camera, sit in the shade and watch the juvenile Garden Birds at work, rest and play. At present Blackbirds seem to be the main event, all day long they’re either noisily scurrying through the dead leaves under the Laurel Tree […]