Female Bearded Tit

As I said in my previous post, I was hoping to see a few firsts on this trip and it didn’t let me down. First was a Bearded Tit. Regret to say I didn’t come across a male, but this little beauty more than makes up for it. Beautiful clean lines flittering amongst the reeds […]

Close up of Otter

October afforded me a few days to spare so I decided to make a 3 day trip up to Minsmere staying at a campsite next door to now renowned RSPB Reserve. A delightful time occasionally interrupted with the odd shower and strong winds. Like most keen wildlife enthusiasts I was after a few ‘firsts’ and […]

Home made Bird Table

Although the Garden and it’s surrounding are pretty much bird friendly with so many wild Blackberries, Rowan and other fruit etc., I thought it about time to start off feeding the Birds again. Because of the Stream opposite, a Field behind and next door keeping Rabbits, we are somewhat attracted to Rats, so my first […]

Goldcrest in bush Dungeness

Visiting Dungeness always springs surprises, that’s to say, when you think there’ll be a lot around, there isn’t and vice versa. Today was a day where I expected it to be busy; I’d heard about the Cattle Egret, an Osprey, Glossy Iis and more but nothing was seen by me. However, no day out to […]