Little Egret in flight

Twenty years or so ago it would have been quite an event to see Little Egrets almost anywhere in the UK., but now, especially on eastern and southern shores they are quite common, also spreading themselves inland wherevr there is water….and fish ! Little Egret flying over main lake at Conningbrook They are now quite […]

Common Buzzard in Field

We get quite a few Common Buzzards around here, in fact there’s a large Nest in the Woods 50 meters away where I’m hoping some new ones will be born next Spring. Today I did my normal walk around the Patch, two and half miles and nothing to either see or photograph really, mainly Blackbirds, […]

Low flying Marsh Harrier

Oare Marshes on a bleak, slightly drizzly, dark, cold and overall dismal day makes for good birdwatching in my opinion, not good necessarily for good photos though. It always reminds me of the opening scene in the original 1950’s production of Dicken’s ‘Great Expectations’ and wandering around you’re half expecting for the Convict to suddenly […]

Bewick's Swans at Dungeness

I don’t recall Bewick’s Swans at Dungeness last year so was very keen to see them when I read on a Blog that upwards of 14 had turned up in the last week. Being my only day spare this week and fearing they may move on I headed down there quite early. Regret to say […]

Redwings in bushes

The last three days have been quite exciting down the Lane and in the fields around me; Redwings, Fieldfares, a Green Sandpiper and more regulars returning in droves. Redwings It was by chance I noticed, thanks to my Birder Pal Neil, a Redwing in amongst some Fieldfares. Spotting this I spent the next two days […]

Conningbrook Lakes by Great Stour

Being the meteorological first day of Winter I thought it would be nice to have a walk around Conningbrook Lakes this morning. The Weather forecast was for it to cloud over at 10am and as the last two nights have produced below freezing temperatures, I wrapped up with four layers. Needless to say they got […]