Hummingbird Hawk Moth

Rare visit for the Hummingbird Hawk Moth The last time I saw the Hummingbird Hawk Moth was at Nagergot in the Himalayan Foothills ! I’d heard from several people this year who said they’ve had them in and around their Gardens, so I was especially pleased to see this one hopping on and off the […]

Fox sitting in Garden

Cubs depart leaving mother Vixen solo again After quite some days of not seeing our resident fox taking food away to feed her young, it seems the Cubs have now left to find territories of their own Daphne’ as we call her, is needless to say still arriving and all the time she has a […]

Common Buzzard Kent

Buzzards buzzing and busy! I’ve been trying to photograph the young Common Buzzards for a few weeks now, my attempts of finding them in the wood opposite was a failure. Then, after several rushes for my Camera after hearing them flying above, I finally got to get a few shots this morning It would seem […]

Birds at Oare Marshes

The place for the Waders! I’m not very good at counting birds, unless there’s less than about 10, but reading the Kent Ornithological Society daily updates by various birders, when I was there, so were the followng.. 7 Little Ringed Plover, 85 Ringed Plover, 300 Golden Plover, 30 Knot, 1 Little Stint, 2 Curlew Sandpiper, […]

Grey Wagtail

Once again I’ve been confined to barracks over the last five days, but on the theory that nature and wildlife is not about four seasons but 365 days a year, I’m still spotting changes every time I walk up the Garden. Grey Wagtails Every year is the same with these fascinating birds, they show a […]

Grass Snake under rubber mat

In the Garden I thought I’d spoken about the Grass Snake, but looking back it appears not, so here’s a photo of it sitting under one of the Rubber Mats I have in the long grass Grass Snake I thought most birds around and about here had now all fledged, but upon hearing a few […]

Shrew on Lawn

Voles Looking around the Garden it was nice to find a few holes I hadn’t seen before. Slightly larger than the Field Mouse hole under the up-turned Gutter close by, I thought I’d set the Camcorder up to discover what the new visitors were. It didn’t take long, a ten minute return found hey are […]