birds feeding in winter

Garden Birds surviving the Winter weather The weather we usually get in January appears to have brought itself forward to early and mid December. A few evenings ago I wanted to use the webcam and in error clicked on the Nest Box Camera only to find a Blue Tit had found it’s way in there […]

Caspian Gull RSPB Dungeness

With the weather being cold one day, mild the next, wet the next and windy the next, the Birds seem to be in a constant state, maybe like us humans, in constant confusion as to if it’s December or Spring ! Caspian Gull RSPB Dungeness The main Reserve area was very active with Waders and […]

Great Spotted Woodpecker at Fat-Balls

It’s a joy coming downstairs in the morning, opening the Kitchen Curtains to be given the view of 15 plus birds around the Feeders; House Sparrows, Dunnocks, Coal, Great, Long Tailed Tits, the regular as clockwork Great Spotted Woodpecker and occasional visits of Goldfinches and Chaffinches. Needless to say this also attracts the odd Rat […]

Brent Goose

Visiting family in Southampton has the added bonus that it’s close to the River Hamble as it goes into Southampton Water at Warsash, always a good spot for Waders and other coastline / wetland birds, especially through the Winter Months. A visit there at high tide this week gave sightings of over 200 recently arrived […]


It’s always good indication that winter is upon us when the Fieldfares along with their pals the Redwings return, always about the same time, 10th – 15th. November. This year is no exception, it started with a trickle around the 8th and has now built up to more than 200 who jump from tree to […]

Clouded Yellow Butterfly in November

It was a beautiful sunny day when I visited Oare Marshes last week and if you count the Starlings there must have been over 5,000 birds around and about, 2,000 of which were made up of Dunlin, Avocets, Golden Plover, Lapwings, Black Tailed Godwits, various Geese and on the not bird scene, beside a few […]

Stonechat in November

Dungeness and Conningbrook Late October and early November is a great time for spotting the smaller birds; the leaves are almost off the trees making things more visible and most of our feathered friends are now returning to their favourite Winter residences. Stonechat A trip down to the area around Dungeness Old Lighthouse produced the […]

Sparrowhawk predating in daytime

Fast, efficient and beautiful, the Sparrowhawk Only the other day I said to someone how I hadn’t seen a Sparrowhawk thus far this year. Mid evening yesterday, about 7.45pm with light almost gone, I walked out the back door to see something in the corner of my eye. No more than six feet away was […]

View westward from Durdle Door

White Deers and Cliff Top scenes Waking up to a cold, damp and misty morning wasn’t easy so rather than heading off over the Heathland to Arne I thought I’d take a trip over to Durdle Door. I’d been there before, about 15 ‘pre Camera’ years before and remembered seeing Kestrels hovering along the cliffs […]