Lockdown kicks in – the wildlife love it

Less traffic and less pollution seems to be bringing much benefit to humans and wildlife alike, but of course, we’d rather not be in the middle of a pandemic.
In some ways I guess it’s easier for us senior citizens, we don’t need to worry about losing our jobs or not getting our full income like many who’ve been furloughed.

I’m walking on average about 25k a week and getting much solace through scenery and just listening to the birdsong everyday.

Hedgehogs under the bird feeders

Two Hedgehogs have appeared in the Garden, so hopefully both will survive and presuming they’re male and female will produce some young ones.
There’s no mistaking the noise when they arrive, loud grunts and the scraping of any leaves on the ground !

Mistle Thrush    Damsel Fly    Orange Tip Butterfly
Mistle Thrush – Red Damsel Fly – Orange Tip Butterfly

Butterflies are starting to appear again with the usual Orange Tips and Brimstones. I’ve also seen a few Speckled Woods and Peacocks.
Around the Garden here, some Starlings are busy looking after their eggs in the guttering above my Flat, right racket !

Grass Snake
Grass Snake

Bee Fly

Life plods on and it’s not easy for many but it is very nice to see people walking in the countryside. I’ve spoken to quite a few and all say it’s so nice to have some time to explore their surrounding and quite keen to learn bird species and just watch what’s going on.

They say that from something bad, good will come. I haven’t a crystal ball to see where all this is going to end but it has been a wakening to what’s good outside our door and awareness of the need to preserve it.

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