April certainly is the start of the summer wildlife season and it’s very apparent around the Lane and surrounding fields.


The most noticeable change is seeing the Butterflies re-appear; thus far a Comma, Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell, Orange Tip, Brimstone and Whites, the latter two have not sat long enough for me to get a photo yet !
It’s nice to get pictures of them early on, as the season progress’s into Summer, their wings tend to get a bit damaged, so now is good !

Orange Tip Butterfly
Orange Tip

Peacock Butterfly    Small Tortoiseshell
Peacock – Small Tortoiseshell

Comma Butterfly

Birds around the Hedgerows

The Long Tailed Tits have now finished building their nests, so good news to come there I hope.
In the rear Hedgerow, Yellowhammers are also very busy, great news is there appear to be more than last year!

Male Yellowhammer
Male Yellowhammer

Beside the above, other than the more ‘normal’ birds, we have good numbers of Linnets and by the look of the Pelets I found earlier, a Barn Owl popping past!

Owl Pellets    Linnet
Owl Pellets and a Linnet sitting on Cables above rear hedgerow

All in all, it’s going well, the weather seems to be attracting more and more flies, so I’m hoping for a good year.

Blackcap on Blossom
Finally, a Blackcap which I saw at Church Norton on the Selsey Peninsula last week.


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