Birdsong around the Feeders

It was as if the Birds around here knew it was February, the end of Winter is nigh and in the garden we have birdsong and much activity. Already the Blackbirds are pretty frisky and busy flirting with each other in combat style all over the place !

Blue Tit eating Peanuts
Blue Tit

With rain expected within a couple of hours of getting up I decided not to go out anywhere but just put a chair in the Lan-To and watch out for what came along.
Needless to say nothing special did, but I was entertained for a good hour by our regular visitors such as the Tit family, Blackbirds, House Sparrows, Dunnocks, Collared Doves, Greater Spotted Woodpecker, Wrens, the sound of an unseen Chiffchaff and a quick glimpse of a female Chaffinch.

Great Tit on Bird Table
Great Tit

It’s when you find time to actually observe rather than seeing something, taking a photo and moving on that you notice more the characters and personalities of them.
It seems to me that Robins aren’t always fighting claiming their territories, I’ve seen as many as six quite happily mixing together. I guess I put enough out for everyone!

With the Tit family it would appear to be the Great Tit at the top of the pecking order and Coal Tits at the bottom. Many a time I’ve seen a poor little Coal Tit trying to get as much food in the mouth before a Blue or Great Tit comes and pushes it off.

House Sparrow on Bird Table    Coal Tit eating fat balls    Great Spotted Woodpecker on Peanuts
Male House Sparrow – Coal Tit – Great Spotted Woodpecker

Dunnocks are all pretty much ‘street cred’, they seem to never care what else is about and if they can’t get space on the Feeders they’re quite happy to forage around below for all the bits and pieces.

An hour just watching is a delight.

Great White and Little Egret at Conningbrook

Little Egret and Great White Egret
Little and Great White Egret

I did venture out for an hour, a quick drive around to Conningbrook Lakes to see what was happening.
Luckily it seemed I was about the first person there as the Great White and a Little Egret were in a good position on the main Lake.

As it happened, nothing much else was around, 70 or so Greylags with a few Canada’s mixed in plus the usual Gadwalls, Tufted Ducks, Coots, Shovelers and Great Crested Grebes.
But they were all sufficient for a good few hours, especially the wonderful sound of birdsong.

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