Right place, right time!

The more I get into birdwatching, the more I find it’s often a case of being in the right place at the right time.
Today was no exception.
A long walk over the fields to Conningbrook, after two hours, produced nothing, then just as I was leaving North Lake for home I was awakened by a splashing sound in the reeds behind me…..A Bittern !!

Bittern at Conningbrook Lakes

I’d read a few people had seen one around and about, last year I saw one flying on main lake, but as usual only noticed it after it had flown past enabling me a distant rear view shot.
I was lucky enough to get a sideways shot of one flying past from the Island Mere Hide at Minsmere last October, so getting today’s, all be it a brief glimpse was quite a eurika moment.

Bittern landing in Reeds

Last Spring I heard one booming in Dungeness and followed the sound for quite some while but the sound semed no closer the further I went.
It appears their tone and volume can sound as if they’re they’re a couple of hundred meters away, but they are in fact about two miles away!

Kestrel hovering
The Kestrel looking for Lunch

Walking back accross the fields nothing much about other than about 50+ Fieldfares, a Kestrel, Skylarks noisily hovering over their designed nesting areas above the young crops, many Longed Tailed Tits and some 70 heavily pregnant Sheep in the second field down.

With Spring just around the corner everything seems to be getting into place, the bird song in the Garden has switched up a couple of notches, so all’s well.

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