Increase of Red Kite sightings in Bishop’s Waltham

In a few weeks time I will have lived in Bishop’s Waltham for three years and in the first year I think I may have seen 2 or 3 Red Kites. Just recently however, more and more seem to be appearing, so to see this one close to was a welcome treat.

Red Kite from below

It was one of those days, I walked some of my south patch and due perhaps to quite a few people about, saw nothing except the occasional Blackbird and Robin. The fields off the Town’s favourite pathway was way too boggy to walk through so I turned around and headed for the North Patch, this being higher ground and a good spot to see the larger birds.

Red Kite in Bishops Waltham

Compared to the South Patch, here was fairly well populated with birds, one field having upwards of 200 Redwings with a few Fieldfares in with them.
Bird song was quite strong for midday and I picked out Great, Blue and Long Tailed Tits and the distant ‘laughter’ of a Green Woodpecker.

Photography wise though I’d not come across a lot and thought my what was to be five mile walk seemed futile except for the fact it was a lovely sunny day with just a mild breeze.

Red Kite perching

As often happens, you’re nearly home and you see something, this time a dark shape against the sun in a fairly close tree. At first I thought it would be the usual Buzzard I bump into, but upon getting closer realised it was a Red Kite. Bingo, I’ve never seen one that close.
I took a few shots of it perching, then looking at them in the camera, I heard the flap of wings, it was about to fly right above my head. Quick vertical view and clicked, in fact it was so close I couldn’t get it all into my lens !

Red Kite flying

I must say I thought it had taken objection and was about to unleash it’s lunch on me. Luckily it didn’t.
Off he or she went in search of either food or a field in which there weren’t any nosy Birdwatchers.

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