Conningbrook Lakes are now a part of Ashford Country Park, made up of four lakes they stretch out over a distance of about one mile.
The main lake is to be used more for leisure purposes but ‘the Eco Lake’ is being kept very much more on the lines of a Nature Reserve with much Reed and surrounding woodland.

Whitethroat Bird UK

A trip down there this morning, cold as it was, produced a beautiful Whitethroat darting in and out of the tall shrubs. It appeared there was only one, but it was the first one I’d seen this year.
Beside the usual Gulls and around 40 / 50 Swans there wasn’t much about, but plodding on as one does I was given a lovely hovering display by a Kestrel on the prowl no doubt for a mid morning snack of Field Mouse!

Kestrel hovering

A walk along the bank of the Great Stour which flows alongside the Park afforded much noise, but no birds to be seen, not even the usual Heron or Little Egret.
Recent rainy weather has raised the water level up a lot of late and the pity is that a mile up stream lays Ashford Town Centre where some lazy layabouts, or just plain ignorant people throw away all sorts of things into the River. This morning, together with the countless number of empty drinks bottles I noticed a Bus Stop sign.


What a shame it always lays upon Volunteers to do all the clearing up. Maybe Community Service would cover this job, especially for those who are guilty of more social offences.

However, a pleasant couple of hours and home in time for Lunch!

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