The second part of May continued to be good for wildlife down the Lane and the fields below; the House Sparrows nesting above the back door fledged and no sooner had they and a second lot started !
Also fledged were the Blue Tits in the Box at the top of the Garden and all around young Wrens and more were appearing.

Blue Tit looking out of Bird Box
The fields were just as busy; Yellowhammers, Reed Warblers and Whitethroats numbering more than anything else

Jay    fledged blue tit    Ladybirds-mating
Young Jay – Just fledged Blue Tit – Ladybirds in Spring!
Female-Reed-Bunting    Female Yellowhammer    Mid-Spring-Whitethroat
Female Reed Bunting – Female Yellowhammer – Whitethroat
A trip to Dungeness proved very good to see the Damselflies and Dragon Flies coming to life.
The Scrapes were pretty quiet though, just many Common Terns, Avocets and the usual. Two pairs of Egyptian Geese gave birth on the Islands, nice to see but some avid Dungeness Birders not too happy about the invasion. All Gods creatures !

Four Spotted Chaser    Blue Damselfly    green-Damselfly
Four Spotted Chaser – Blue Damselfly – Green Damselfly
Avocet-at-Dungeness    Wild Trout in Stream    House Sparrow with food
Avocet Dungeness – Trout in Stream down the Lane – House Sparrow approaching nest above back door
Our passing Hedgehog found a friend and from the noise was successful in it’s mission. However, soon after this we didn’t see them again. Good news is they seem to have taken up home in the Mill House opposite.
I miss them but they’re still around and will hopefully produce young shortly.

Whitethroat with flies
Whitethroat with a pretty good Breakfast I’d say !
With 5 days in Pembrokeshire and the weather being quite good since, wildlife and nature is rolling along nicely.

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