Cubs depart leaving mother Vixen solo again

After quite some days of not seeing our resident fox taking food away to feed her young, it seems the Cubs have now left to find territories of their own

Fox sitting in Garden

Daphne’ as we call her, is needless to say still arriving and all the time she has a limp, we intend to carry on doing so.

What has emerged is that like we do nature watches, she does human watches and will sit at the top of the Garden just relaxing whilst watching what we’re up to.
Before she was preganant in Spring she’d sit on the derelict Windmill roof and just watch me doing the Grdening !

Fox relaxing in Garden

Our Ginger cat takes no notice of her and it’s likewise with the fox. They’ll often sit a few meters apart in relative comfort.

Yesterday evening, she turned up, had something to eat, sat down, lay down, yawned and had 40 winks!

Fox yawning

It is pleasing however that examining her poops, there are Blackberry pips and other stones in it, so she is getting around OK. In fact, we’re now feeding her slightly less and see how this continues.
One thing we don’t want to do is take any of the wild out out of her, we’ll never go closer than about 10 meters and that seems to suit us both.

With Autumn and Winter not far off, it will be interesting to see how she gets through.
Whatever, she’s alway welcome here, a proper Garden Feature !

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