It was one of those days where I’d waited long enough to do things around the garden, so I resigned myself to having no walks accross ‘my patch’ or further afield.

It turned out to be yet again, one of those days where you no need to look further than your own back door. So many times I’ve walked two or three miles, seen virtually nothing, come home to find the Garden is it’s own little Nature Reserve.

Fox watching down from Roof

There I was attending to some fencing repairs in the front and had that experience of something’s watching me, I turned around, looked accross the Drive at the old derelict Windmill and Outbuildings and there was our resident Fox (Daphne!!) delicately perched on a nice high spot looking down upon me with that pet dog look of ‘when’s he going to finish and take me for a walk’. Not that I would ever try that with a Fox of course!

Fox having 40 winks

‘Daphne’ first appeared looking very poorly last Autumn, so as their is no Livestock in any of the fields which would be in her territory I fed her up. This of course led to daily visits, usually at dusk, with her sitting a few meters away patiently waiting for her Tesco’s Own Brand Poultry flavoured Cat Food (as fed to the resident Hedgehogs through Summer).
Needless to say, she won’t turn her nose up at anything else which may be on hand!

Derelict Windmill/

Fox getting down from Roof

I’ve purposely not got too close to her, wild should be wild in my opinion.

It may seem strange that for a person who has kept Chickens would want to promote a Fox, but it’s surprising how many Chicken Keepers also like them.
After all, the number one duty of any Poultry Keeper (Domestic) is security and protection. The Hens I have lost due to Foxes have been completely my fault; forgot to do something, didn’t do something etc.

Foxes have life and they are wild. That for me anyway = Wildlife !

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