It’s supposed to be Autumn but with a temperature of 32.5 degrees centigrade today, it felt like mid Summer in the Med.
With the heat in mind I thought I’d just sit under the Laural Tree and see what comes along.

As always, nothing disappoints, there’s always something that catches your eye and hopefully makes for a decent photo.
First in line was the Juvenile Blackbird, she’s been around for a few weeks now and doesn’t seem to mind coming pretty close if there’s food involved. However, the food she seemed to fancy was a tad mission impossibly !


A little later I saw the first Harlequin Ladybird I’ve seen this Summer, there’s quite a few Seven Spotteds still here, mainly around the Holly Bushes, so nice to see this one. Change is as good as a rest and hopefully shows the Garden is attracting wildlife of any type.

Common Buzzard

Yellowhammer in Hedgerow

This was followed with a Darter who certainly seemed to take a fancy to me.

Coomon Darter Dragon Fly    Harlequin Ladybird

Around 6pm I went inside the Shed and got that feeling something’s watching you. Sure enough there was the Fox who I’ve been feeding up after seeing the poor creature looking worse for wear a few weeks ago, sitting patiently watching the back door in wait for the evening sachet of Tesco’s Cat Food !

Chiffchaff September

A quick stroll down the Lane to the field produced a Yellowhammer flitting around the Hedgerow. Lots of noise from what sounded like Long Tailed Tits and plenty of Swallows flying over.

Upon returning home I heard the distinctive call of a Chiffchaff in the front Garden which immediately brought back memories of Spring when one perched on the tree above my Shed giving it’s repetative call from dawn til dusk.

Busy times ahead !

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