A few weeks ago we had two Hedgehogs visiting us, one big one and one very big one.
As I’d found them mating not long before I presumed the larger one was pregnant and presume now she’s found somewhere to have her young.

Hedgehog eating cat food

The other one however, presumably the male is still visiting nightly, so last night I set up the Camcorder to find out whether or not they were both still coming and put enough Meat Cat Food out for two.

About 10pm I was sitting in my Shed / Office doing some web work and heard the clanking of the metal plate. I waited some 10 minutes for it to finish, then retrieved the SD Card.
It was just the one.

But !!!! How much can this one eat, I watched the full 8 or so minutes to see if another one appeared, but no, he just went for the whole lot in one hit !

It did make me giggle though in the way he just strolled round the corner of the other Shed, got straight at the bowl, ate non stop, then as fast as he came in, he went off again !
If you do watch the Video, it’s edited down to just over two minutes, make sure you have the sound on the licking, snorking and plate clanking noises are what makes it !!

What characters they are !!

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