My Garden population of House Sparrows seemed to diminish during the Summer and Autumn months, in Spring there were 4 Nests around the guttering of the house and three of them seemed to survive.

House Sparrow in Autumn

I noticed that babies were taken from the nest above my back door and as I’d seen it lurking around for a number of days, I put this down to the Jay.
One day they were there, the next day they had gone with no sign of any youngsters about.

House Sparrow gathering bedding

In the last two weeks they have returned in numbers and happily feeding from the seed left out on the Bird Table.
Looking around they seem to be taking shelter in the Ivy growing up the wall next to the back door, almost everytime I walk past in a hurry a few will fly out.


Being on the RSPB Red List it’s so encouraging to see them here, probably due to the house being of the older design with overhanging eaves and lots of little corners.

Here’s to 2017 and more to come along. Nothing better than watching them from my Office window plus they give the Dunnocks a run for their money!!

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