With the temperature at over 25 degrees this morning I thought it good to get Camera, sit in the shade and watch the juvenile Garden Birds at work, rest and play.
At present Blackbirds seem to be the main event, all day long they’re either noisily scurrying through the dead leaves under the Laurel Tree and occasionally taking a stroll across the Lawn in search of Worms. I have to say they’re pretty good at it!

Juvenile Wren

Highlight was probably the Wren who seemed to not notice my slight movements and came to within 6 feet away from me. Having only my telescopic lens on, I had to wait for quite a few minutes before it was at a good enough distance to focus.

Juvenile Blackbird    Juvenile Dunnock    Juvenile Great Tit
Blackbird – Dunnock – Great Tit

The seed on the Bird Table wasn’t attracting much, which I thought to be good, they were all searching through Grass or fluttering around in the overgrown Bramble and Rose Bushes.
Certainly the baby Chaffinches were, never stood still for more than a few seconds!

Juvenile Male Chaffinch    Juevnile Coal Tit    Lapwings Flying Past
Male Chaffinch – Coal Tit – Lapwings

The Robin pictured seemed to either be airing himself or had slipped through the Bench Seat Slats! Whatever, he remained quite still for a good two minutes.
It’s the first year we seem to have Coal Tits in the Garden so it’s a pleasure to see a number of young ones about.
The Dunnocks however are always here in numbers. Their behaviour reminds me of keeping ex-Battery Hens, they’re full of cred and on the look out for the first piece of food that becomes available.

Juvenile Robin

All in all a great two hours just spent observing and learning. The only overhead birds I saw were about 20 Lapwings doing a fairly low fly pass. Last Winter they spent their time on the field just below my house. Maybe it’s a sign of the forthcoming end to Summer and they’re seeking lower land or possibly, as a few day, migrating south.

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